The five podcasts that I can’t get enough of

Since starting a job in Rotterdam – a good hour and a half from my home in Den Bosch – I have spent more time commuting that I ever have before in my life. Now commuting gets a pretty bad rap, but over the last four months I have learned to see the positives and it would be no exaggeration to say that podcasts are the reason for that. With a good podcast on I have been using the time to switch off from work. Having gone through quite a few podcasts over the past few months here are the five that I haven’t been about to get enough of. View Post


What happens if you stop cleansing and moisturising your skin?

Inspired by reading an interview with Adina Grigore where she puts the argument for doing nothing to your skin forward, I decided to ditch my skincare products for a week to see what would happen. After all if those wanting to detox their bodies cut out foods, so if I wanted to “reset” my skin it makes sense to stop using products… right?

During my skin detox I didn’t just stop washing my face, I stopped using anything on my face. All I did was splash my face with water twice a day and that was it. No cleansers, no serums, no makeup, nothing! View Post


How to be the perfect passenger… as told by a former cabin crew

It is true that the glamorous days of air travel are behind us. Nowadays by the time you have even got to the plane you have been subjected to vigorous security checks, countless queues plus the stress of checking to see if your passport is still in the pocket where you left it for the hundredth time. This means that once you board the plane you are feeling tired, frazzled and who better to take that out on that your cabin crew. After two years of working in the business of tired, grumpy, grouchy passengers I have compiled a how to guide to make your cabin crews’ day… or night. Read on to find out how to be the perfect passenger. View Post


Nine things I will miss about living in Dubai

I have often heard that being an expat in Dubai spoils you and how true that is. From the year-round sunshine, to not having to lock your car door, to hiring a maid to clean your apartment – which you could never afford to do back home. Dubai is definitely a city of convenience, and one which for now I will be leaving behind. Although I am ready to leave the “sandpit” and embark on a new adventure there are undoubtedly some things I will miss. View Post


How to get in the Christmas spirit when you are far from home

While writing this post I had a flashback from last December when I was driving through Oman with friends listening to Christmas songs. It felt very bizarre because outside it was a barren desert – the most unchristmassy surroundings imaginable.

Anyway… as I am gearing up for my fourth Christmas away from home I thought I would share some of the ways I like to get into the Christmas spirit – even if you are somewhere that Christmas isn’t celebrated. View Post