Ten reasons to love stripes

Given the name of my blog this seemed like an ideal first post to welcome myself into the blogger world. As you can probably guess I do in fact love stripes, in fact they are one of my all time favourite outfit choices. I find them easy to wear, flattering, fun and they always make me feel stylish without giving the impression that I have spent ages deciding what to wear.

I believe that stripes deserve a place in everyone’s wardrobe, so here goes, my ten reasons why you should love stripes.

  1. Wonderfully flattering – I simply do not believe all the nonsense that has been circulating around saying that stripes make you look larger than you actually are. I think that they are one of the most flattering and slimming prints that you can wear, whether vertical or horizontal.
  2. A fail-safe outfit – If I am having one of those I don’t know what to wear days (this seems to be everyday at the moment) then slightly rolled up skinny jeans and a striped top are my go to choice for casual wear. Striped tops just seem to add a chic, stylish element that you just don’t always get with a plain one.
  1. Be nautical – Stripes will always have that nautical feel, so if you want to feel like you are sailing, but without there actually being any water or getting wet involved, wear your stripes.
  2. Not just for clothes – Stripes look stylish and are perfect for deck chairs, bags, towels, dressing gowns, hats, shoes, bedding the list goes on.
  1. Get the Parisian look – Paris is one of my favourite cities and the Parisians themselves are a stylish bunch. If you want to feel French then a striped top, beret and a dash of red lippy is all you need, très belle.
  2. Timeless – Stripes are not one of those fashion fads that will be in and out. Invest in a beautiful striped top, dress, skirt and you will be wearing it for seasons to come.
  3. An excuse to wear red lipstick – Stripes and red lippy go together like cheese and wine, not sure that is an actual saying, but you get the idea, they go well together.
  4. Effortless – I think one of the main reasons why I love stripes so much is that whenever I am deciding what to wear I want to look pulled together and stylish, but without looking like I have spent ages getting ready. Stripes are great because they are stylish whilst remaining relaxed and effortless.
  5. The easiest way to wear print on print – The print on print fashion trend is not an easy look to pull off. However, because stripes are a fairly neutral pattern I find them the simplest way to work this look.
  6. Kate Middleton wears them… enough said!



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