Four questions to ask yourself when buying red lipstick

The perfect red lipstick is like the little black dress, every woman needs one and once you have your perfect shade you will wear it over and over again. Now I don’t actually own a little black dress, but I do own a lot of red lipsticks, and I have definitely spent far too long covering the back of my hand in various stripes trying to find the perfect shade.


My perseverance has however paid off and I now believe that I have found my perfect red lipstick… for those of you who are curious it is Chanel Rouge Coco in shade 444 Gabrielle. This is a newish range of lipsticks by Chanel, which are ultra hydrating and come in a range of shades that are supposedly named after Coco Chanel’s closest female friends… Anyway let’s get back to it, these are my four questions that you should ask yourself when buying red lipstick.

  1. What texture is it? When it comes to red lipstick it basically boils down to whether you want a matte or hydrating texture. The texture that you choose will affect both the look and the feel of your lipstick. My favourite Chanel lipstick is definitely of the hydrating variety, so much so that it feels almost like lip balm when applied, which I love because I can get quite dry lips. If I use a matte lipstick I always apply a lip balm underneath, as otherwise I can find them quite drying.
  2. Will the colour suit my skin tone? When it comes to lipstick we are told that certain colours will look fabulous on one skin tone, but will wash out another to the point that they look ill. Red is however the exception as it will flatter all skin tones, but before you skip off into the sunset with an assortment of red lipsticks in hand… red does come in a whole host of shades that will flatter various skin tones. However the only skin tones that we really need to worry about are cool and warm. If you have cool undertones to your skin op for a bluey-red lipstick such as the Ruby Woo shade by Mac. Whereas warm skin tones such as Jessica Alba will find that an orangey-red will flatter their skin tone the most, an example of which is Mac’s 5 Alarm shade.
  3. Will this shade make my teeth look white? Forget teeth whitener, the shade of red that you wear on your lips has the power to make your pearly whites look just that. Cool bluey reds will make your teeth look brighter and whiter because the blue tones cancel out the warm orange and yellow tones in your teeth. Orangey reds, however will bring out the yellow and orange tones in your teeth, a point worth noting if orangey-reds are your thing. While we are on the subject of lipstick and teeth, you don’t need me to tell you that lipstick on teeth is a big no no. One tip I have picked up to avoid this is once you have applied your lipstick, stick a finger in your mouth and make a fish face (your know the one where you stick your lips together and suck your cheeks in). Then pull your finger out of your mouth (while keeping the fish face) and the excess lippy that could have ended up on your teeth will now be on your finger.
  4. Does it have staying power? There is no lipstick (at least none that I have ever come across) that you can put on in the morning, eat and drink as you would normally and that will stay in tact through till the evening. That being said your lippy shouldn’t just slide off after five minutes either. The staying power of a lipstick is hard to test without splashing your cash first. Try testing the lipstick on the back of your hand, giving it a few minutes to dry and then seeing how easy it is to smudge with a finger to give you some indication of its staying power.

So there we have it everyone, my four questions to ask yourself when choosing red lipstick. if you have any other tips on purchasing red lipstick please let me know and otherwise happy shopping!


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