Moroccan Inspired Tea


I came across this recipe through a friend. I have never actually been to Morocco (it’s on my bucket list) so I didn’t really know what to expect from Moroccan-style tea especially as it isn’t something I regularly encounter. Now that I have educated myself on all things tea, I can say that this particular one has a lovely refreshing taste and is so easy to make that I couldn’t wait to share it on my blog.

This simple recipe for Moroccan inspired tea is simple to make, tastes delicious and the great thing is you probably have all the ingredients in your kitchen already… enjoy!


  • Regular tea bag (black tea, English breakfast, whatever you fancy…)
  • Quarter of a lemon
  • Handful of fresh mint leaves
  • Squeeze of honey to sweeten (optional)


  • Pour boiling water into a mug and drop your tea bag in for a few seconds before taking it out again to give a little bit of flavour (but not too much!)
  • Add the mint leaves
  • Squeeze in the juice of your lemon and if you wish you can add the remainder of the lemon for extra flavour
  • Add a little honey to sweeten if you wish
  • Stir and enjoy

As you can probably tell from the above this recipe makes one mug full. However, it can easily be adapted to make as many cups you would like. Let me know how you get on.


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