A weekend climbing Mount Snowdon

photo 2 (2)A couple of weekends ago I headed up to Wales with some friends to climb Mount Snowdon, which turned out to be a truly wonderful weekend. The scenery in this corner of Wales was absolutely stunning – almost on the same level as New Zealand – and the area is well worth a visit. View Post


Where to shop in Sydney

photo 1 (1)Like most girls I love to shop and during my two years living as a Sydney-sider these were my five favourite places to do just that. View Post


How to spend a day in Bath

photo 2 (1)I recently spent a wonderful afternoon in Bath. It is one of those places that I had always fancied, but never got around to actually going to… and it didn’t disappoint. Bath isn’t a particularly big city so don’t fret if you only have a day, in my case an afternoon or a few hours to explore. Here are my Bath highlights. View Post


Ten reasons why long distance relationships do work

photo (1)I don’t claim to be an expert in matters of the heart, however I have been in a long distance relationship for over two years. Long distance relationships get a lot of bad press and I myself have been on the receiving end of some rather odd expressions when I explain that my boyfriend and I live in separate countries…

There are definitely plenty of down sides, and it can be upsetting that you can’t just pop over to give your partner a hug; because you know planes, airports, check in and all that. However, more often than not I realise that I am so lucky to be in the relationship that I’m in.

So if you are wondering if your relationship can go the distance, take a look at my ten reasons why it is going to work. View Post


Dining in the dark in Amsterdam

photo(22)A little over a month ago I found myself in Amsterdam and as part of my birthday present, my lovely boyfriend took me to try out a new trend ‘Dining in the Dark’. This is pretty much what it says on the tin, you go to a restaurant and eat your meal, but in complete darkness. It was a truly unique experience that forced me to rely on my other senses. I had never before realised how much I “eat with my eyes”, and simple things like pouring a glass of water, manoeuvring food from my plate to my mouth and knowing how much was left on my plate became a real challenge. View Post