A weekend climbing Mount Snowdon

photo 2 (2)A couple of weekends ago I headed up to Wales with some friends to climb Mount Snowdon, which turned out to be a truly wonderful weekend. The scenery in this corner of Wales was absolutely stunning – almost on the same level as New Zealand – and the area is well worth a visit.

The first piece of advice that I can give you if you are considering doing the same is to check the weather forecast. Part of the reason that the weekend was so fabulous is that we were very lucky with the weather. On Saturday – the day that we actually went up Snowdon – the weather was about as perfect as it could have been, and the clear sky meant that the view from the top was spectacular. However, on Sunday, the day that we were due to go home it was raining like it was never going to end and I can imagine climbing Snowdon on a day like that would not be very much fun and the view from the top would be pretty much non existent.

There are loads of campsites that surround the foot of Mount Snowdon and we opted for the Cwellyn Arms Campsite, which was located by a lake and had the most gorgeous view in the morning.

photo 1 (2)

When it comes to actually climbing Mount Snowdon there are several paths to choose from and we chose the Snowdon Ranger path to start. This route gave us a gorgeous view as we climbed and it took us about three hours to reach the top. Our path was surprisingly busy, but was nothing in comparison to the top of Snowdon, which was seriously chock a block with walkers; maybe we aren’t entirely the obese, lazy nation we are portrayed to be after all!

I suggest that you take plenty of water with you, as surprisingly there is nowhere to re-fill water bottles at the top of Snowdon and water can only be purchased in the cafe – not particularly environmentally friendly of them.

We decided that rather than come down the same route as we came up, we would try a different path and we opted for the Rhyd Ddu path. This was a great idea as it gave us a completely different view, and even better, it ended by a village pub, which was the perfect after climb treat.

In the evening there are a few pubs to eat at such as the Cwellyn Arms and several in Beddgelert. However, if you want to mix with the locals I suggest you head down to Caernarfon, a town with an impressive castle. Here we had some delicious fish and chips at the Black Boy Inn, which is one of the oldest inns in North Wales and has a great collection of foreign notes stuck to its beams.


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