How to spend a day in Bath

photo 2 (1)I recently spent a wonderful afternoon in Bath. It is one of those places that I had always fancied, but never got around to actually going to… and it didn’t disappoint. Bath isn’t a particularly big city so don’t fret if you only have a day, in my case an afternoon or a few hours to explore. Here are my Bath highlights.


Bath has its name for a reason and the spas are the city’s main attraction. The two main spots are the Roman Baths, which is probably the main image that comes to mind when you think of Bath. But if you want to actually live the spa experience yourself, then you may opt for the Themae Bath Spa on the aptly named Hot Bath Street. When I was there both attractions had big queues so I suggest you either get there early enough to skip the lines or you just pick one. I choose the Themae Bath Spa, it was well designed with three floors of heaven: the Minerva bath, aroma steam rooms and open air rooftop pool, the later was my favourite of the three. It was August, although being Britain it didn’t really feel like August and so there was steam rising from the water on the rooftop. This made me think that Themae spa would be a great place to visit in January or Feburary, when you really appreciate the warm water – although getting out would be a struggle. After two hours of bliss I left feeling relaxed and with a spring in my step.


Bath has some fabulous shopping and it is just so pretty that wondering around the centre is ever so enjoyable. As well as the general high street shops that you would expect to find, Bath has lots of cute boutique stores. One of my favourite discoveries was Instant Vintage, which was located on George Street. This little store had a vintage and feminine feel and was filled with midi dresses in interesting prints, jewellery and cute clutches. If you can’t get yourself over to Bath you can shop this brand online at Not on the High Street.

See the sights

When you think of Bath you think of the fabulous Georgian architecture, notably the Royal Crescent, which is delightfully pleasing on the eye and only a short walk from the centre. On route I recommend you go by The Circle, which is another ring of beautiful Georgian Houses.

Getting to Bath

I don’t know about you, but driving around an unfamiliar city looking for parking spaces, which are few and far between and once found end up costing around £10 an hour is my idea of hell. Thankfully Bath has several park and rides so you can avoid any car or parking related stress. I opted for the Lansdown park and ride, which was up a very steep hill. The last bus leaves the centre at 8.30pm so take note as that would be a killer walk – especially with all the shopping bags you are bound to have.


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