Colouring in for adults: fad or forever?

photo (11)When I heard that colouring in was the latest way for adults to de-stress and unwind I had to give it a go for myself. So I jumped on Amazon and ordered illustrator Johanna Basford’s Secret Garden colouring book for all ages and a new set of 24 coloured pencils.

When the book arrived it was much more extensive than I had bargained for with page after page of intricate drawings, I soon realised that colouring in isn’t for the impatient as my pictures below will show you.

However, once I got into it time just seemed to fly by and I found myself spending up to three hours at a time just colouring in. The fact that I was concentrating so intensely on filling in each individual leaf and flower was actually quite calming as I forgot all the thoughts and worries that are usually whizzing around in my head. I also got an immense sense of achievement once I had finished a picture.

Colouring in for adults has been claimed to increase productivity, get our creative juices flowing and even boost our memory. I can certainly say that in my experience of colouring in I have gone from stressed to calm after spending a couple of hours with my book and so I think this “fad” is here to stay.

photo (8) Thirty minutes of colouring.

photo (9)

An hour of colouring.

photo (7)

Two hours of colouring.

photo (10)

Three hours of colouring.


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