Six Netflix films suitable for a girls’ night in

photo (13)Let’s face it when you get to a certain age the appeal of a night in with your girlfriends, a glass of wine and a packet of minstrels often beats the thought of going out to a dark room and dancing with a bunch of strangers. Yes I know, I am turning into a grandma! The good news is that the wonders of Netflix means that you have access to a whole host of films at the click of your mouse and here are my top six choices from what is currently available.

1. Chef

You may be thinking why am I recommending a film titled ‘Chef’, but just trust me on this. Apart from having a fabulous cast; I’m talking Scarlett Johansson, Dustin Hoffman, Sofía Vergara and Robert Downey Jr. this film has the feel good factor. Jon Favreau – you probably recognise him from playing Monica’s boyfriend Pete in Friends – is the main character, playing the part of chef Carl Casper, the film is about him opening a food truck and focuses on the relationship between him and his son. It is a little bit predictable, but a great watch nonetheless. Be warned there is some scrumptious looking food in this film so make sure you have plenty of snacks to prevent getting food envy.

2. Love Rosie

This is a recent addition to Netflix and I was so excited when I saw it because I had been dying to see this film for a while. It is about two best friends, Alex and Rosie who aren’t sure if they can ever have a relationship and then life, babies, boyfriends and girlfriends all get in the way of them giving it a go. This is a really sweet film and Lily Collins who plays Rosie is simply stunning all the way through.

3. The Help

Set in the 1960s this film explores the lives of African-American maids and an aspiring writer called Skeeter – played by Emma Stone – who sets out to write a book uncovering how the maids feel about the way they are treated and exposing the secrets of the families that they work for. This is a really interesting watch and I found myself getting really attached to the characters, particularly Aibileen and Minny.

4. Chocolat

Filled with chocolate, romance and Johnny Depp this film is a guaranteed winner. A single mother and her daughter move to a rural French town and open a chocolate shop to the dismay of some of the locals, however they slowly manage to win the townsfolk over. Please note: this is another film that requires snacks while watching, preferably of the sweet variety.

5. The Best of Me

When a film is based on a book by Nicholas Sparks (author of The Notebook) you know you are in for some romance and this one doesn’t disappoint. High school sweethearts Amanda and Dawson are reunited when their old friend passes away and they are forced to look back over their past. This is no way near in the same league as The Notebook, but I still found it an enjoyable and easy watch.

6. This is 40

I absolutely adore Leslie Mann in this film, her character Debbie is hilarious because she is what I imagine myself to be at 40; desperately trying to hold onto her youth, whilst also attempting to be a good mum and general mature adult. The film follows the marriage of Debbie and Pete – played by Paul Rudd – who are just about to turn 40 and are having financial, marriage and family troubles. This is a fun and easy watch that won’t make you depressed about becoming an adult… I promise.


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