Meandering around Munich

photo (37)I recently had a few hours to kill in Munich. My boyfriend was off to see a Bayern Munich match and even though I am partial to a good game of football it was my first time in Munich and seeing as we were only going to be there for about four hours I wanted to see the city.

We parked our car at the stadium, said our goodbyes and, battling against the flow of about a thousand people walking in the opposite direction, I headed off towards the U-Bahn (underground). I wasn’t really sure where I was going, but I had a quick Google before hand so knew that Marienplatz was the main square and so that seemed like a sensible place to get off. As I walked out of the station I knew I had come to the right place, being a lover of architecture (as well as stripes) I was dazzled by the beautiful buildings that surround the square, most notably the staggering St Peter’s Church.

After a quick walk around to take in the architecture, street music and entertainment, I remembered that during my very brief Google session earlier Munich has a large English garden in its centre.

photo (36)

The Englischer Garten (German for English garden) is located around a ten minute walk from Marienplatz and was an absolutely beautiful park full of waterfalls and willow trees. My earlier Google search had told me that it was bigger than Central Park in New York, but seeing as I was on limited time I only managed to see a small section of it. There were lots of people riding around on bikes, which would have been a great way to see more of the park, and so I would definitely recommend hiring a bike if you can.

Being a summer evening the park had a great atmosphere as it was packed full of people enjoying the warm weather, and in Hofgarten (another more formal park next to The Englischer Garten) there were even people doing salsa.

Sadly, I didn’t have too much time to spend in Munich and I would love to go back to see more of the city. I also wish that I had been able to go to Neuschwanstien Castle, which is a approximately an hour and forty-five minutes drive from Munich. The castle and its forest setting just looks so magical that it is definitely staying on my bucket list for my next visit.

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