How to do The Sound of Music tour on your own

photo (34)I recently visited the beautiful city of Salzburg, and as a big fan of The Sound of Music I ummed and arred about whether to go on the official sound of music tour or not. The tours all seemed to cost around 40 euros per person and lasted approximately four hours, but when I actually looked at the route most of the stops on the tour could be visited for free. As I had access to a car (if I didn’t the outcome of this post could have been very different) I decided to ditch the official tour and see the sights from the film on my own, and these were the places I went to.

photo (32)Mirabell Palace and Gardens

This beautiful park is where most of the “Do Re Mi” song was filmed. Avid fans of the film will recognise the “Do Re Mi steps”, which are used a music scale in the film, as well as the statues and the Pegasus Statue Fountain, where Maria and the Von Trapp children dance around. The Mirabell Gardens is easily accessible in the centre of Salzburg a couple of streets back from the river.

photo (33)St Peter’s Church Cemetery

The oldest cemetery in Salzburg, St Peter’s church cemetery is where the Von Trapp family hid as they fled Austria for Switzerland. The cemetery is located in the St. Peter’s district, which is the oldest area of Salzburg and as you walk into the cemetery it definitely feels that way.

Residenz Square and Fountain

At the beginning of the film when Maria leaves the abbey and heads to the Von Trapp house for the first time she goes through Residenz Square while she sings “I have confidence”. I actually stumbled across the square accidentally and then recognised it immediately as being from the film.

photo (35)Schloss Leopoldskron

Now a hotel, this is where the famous boat scene was filmed and is also the back garden of the Von Trapp house. Seeing as I was not a guest of the hotel I didn’t manage to get too close, but the lake that they fall into is a small man-made lake at the back of the building and if you walk around the lake you will get the best view of the back of the house, steps down to the water and all.

The hotel is located on the outskirts of the city, but it can easily be reached by bus from the centre if you do not have a car.

Wolfgang lake

The beautiful lake Wolfgang and town of St. Wolfgang is shown in the area shots at the beginning of the film. It is an absolutely stunning lake and town about 40 minutes away from Salzburg by car, read my full post of St. Wolfgang here.

Places from the film that I didn’t make it to, but you could…

Nonnberg Abbey

As well as being used as the abbey in the film, this is where the real Maria Von Trapp was a nun.

Frohnburg Castle

Used to shoot the front of the Von Trapp home.

Hellbrunn Palace

I must admit I am slightly annoyed that I didn’t make it here, because this is where the famous pavilion used in the “I am sixteen going on seventeen” scene is located.

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