Testing my new camera – the Sony A5000

DSC00022For the past few years I have been using my iPhone 4s to take my travel pictures with. Now don’t get me wrong I love my iPhone camera, the most magical feature of it being that it is always with me and so I have never missed out on a photo opportunity. During my recent road trip around Europe I saw some truly magical sights and my trusty iPhone was there to take photos with. However, with my next adventure looming I have been feeling that I need to take my travel photography up a gear.

I realise that seeing as I have only been using an iPhone improving my camera is not going to be too difficult, but I don’t think I am quite ready for a DSLR because although they take beautiful photos, I find them a bit too bulky to be completely travel-friendly.

After weeks of fluttering around Googling various camera models and wondering how compact is compact, I have settled on what I hope will be the perfect compromise… the Sony A5000. This is a not quite a DSLR, but has a lot of the features that you would expect to find on a DSLR including interchangeable lenses and a large sensor, but is light-weight and not too bulky.

Today I went out for a nice autumnal walk to test it out and I have to say I was pretty impressed… especially as it only cost me £249.

These photos are all taken with the starter lens and with no editing, filters or special effects – I’ll work out how to do them later.







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