Busy in Bratislava

photo 3 (1)I am going to start this post by saying that driving to Bratislava was such a treat. We drove towards Bratislava from the direction of Vienna (which is only a very short drive away) and we passed so many wind turbines – more than I had ever seen before – which made for a pretty impressive landscape.

photo 4 (1)Now onto the city itself. My first impression of Bratislava was that it was not the most beautiful city I have ever visited. There were lots of tall grey buildings and it seemed very much the concrete jungle. However, once I went out exploring I headed into the old part of the city and it was completely different, the buildings were beautiful, the streets were quaint, and next to the old town was the very impressive Bratislava Castle.

photo 1 (3)The best view of the city can be found up by the castle itself, where you will get a great photo of the old town rooftops and the stunning St. Martin’s Cathedral.

photo 2 (3)One of the best things about Bratislava is that it is noticeably cheaper than other European cities both for the price of accommodation and eating out. In fact we treated ourselves to a nice room at the Apollo Hotel where I ordered room service for the first time – I know can you believe I’ve never ordered it before!? – I must say there is something very satisfying about eating dinner in a big comfy bed, especially when you have just spent the last couple of nights sleeping in a dorm room.

What am I wearing?

My midi-skirt is from Hollister and I got it quite a while ago, but there is a similar one here.
This fine-knit navy jumper is from H&M and is so useful I wear it everywhere. It is also amazing value so I bought it in grey too.
I don’t know how well you can see in the photo, but I am wearing these super-soft leather tasselled loafers from Deichmann. I have been wearing these loafers all summer and they were also excellent value at £24.99.

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