What I bought in Adelaide, Australia


IMG_0532I absolutely love Australia and seeing as I used to live there on my recent trip to Adelaide I was very excited to pick up a few bits. Now some of these items might seem quite predicable souvenirs, and maybe they are, but that is because they are so dam good that everyone ends up getting them when they are down under, but anyway, lets get to it.

Australian Fashion

I cannot express how much of a fan of Australian fashion I am. There are so many really wonderful fashion brands in Australia that you can’t seem to get anywhere else in the world (if I am mistaken please let me know!). Fashion in Australia is definitely not the cheapest, but the quality is amazing and the style is wearable, but also right on trend and the items are so unique and different to fashion elsewhere.

So anyway back to Adelaide… I was walking through Rundle Mall when I came across a store filled with Australian brands called BKNR and I was just in heaven. After a good hour in the store (it took some serious restraint to not buy the whole shop) I came out with two items, the Age of Aquarius dress, which is a loose fitted, black, midi dress and the Lovers & Drifters skirt, which is a long midi skirt in a unique monochrome print.

IMG_0534Tim Tams

My favourite Aussie biscuit are Tim Tams, and so I knew that I wanted to pick up a few packets of these delicious treats. There was a great variety available in Woolworths, but I went for the original, white and salted caramel flavours. I keep trying new flavours of these, but my favourite always seem to be the white (because I love white chocolate) and the original flavours… yum.

Lucus’ Papaw Ointment

Another Aussie favourite is this multi-functional, petroleum jelly type formula, which can be used on insect bites, dry skin, wounds… you name it, but I mainly use it as a lip balm. I am not sure when I will next be in Australia so I picked up two for myself and one for my mum because she is also a big fan.

Thursday Plantation Aloe Vera Gel and Tea Tree Oil

Seeing as I was in Australia I thought I would pick up these two products. Aloe Vera Gel is always useful when travelling to sooth sunburn or hot skin, and if you are prone to mosquito bites like me I find that nothing really takes the sting out of them quite like tea tree oil. Both of these plants are found in Australia so I thought what better place to pick them up than here.

Fridge Magnet

Fridge magnets are my favourite souvenirs because they are easy to get hold of, inexpensive and you will actually use them. I try to pick one up whenever I visit somewhere new and although I have been to Adelaide before I don’t have a fridge magnet from there so I picked up this one which is a lovely photo of the city.

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