Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aries


Last month I was lucky enough to get a 5-day multi-sector trip to Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aries. I was so excited for this trip because Brazil and Rio in particular has always been a dream travel destination of mine and it is also an extremely popular destination among crew.

We landed at about three o’clock in the afternoon, but by the time we arrived at our hotel it was half past five. We all decided to meet downstairs in one hour so quickly rushed upstairs for a quick shower after a long thirteen and a half hour flight. Once we had all congregated in the lobby we decided we wanted to experience a typical Brazilian Barbecue, so we asked the concierge for a recommendation and then we got ourselves an Uber (Uber seemed to work out cheaper than regular taxis for us) to the restaurant. After eating about a kilo of meat each and also enjoying a couple of traditional Brazilian caipirinhas we headed back to the hotel for some much needed sleep.

The next morning I woke up early (damn jet lag) and met up with a couple of other crew members to explore the city. We only had a few hours before we had to be back for our wakeup call, but we managed to grab some takeaway breakfast and eat it on the beach and then fit in a spot of shopping.

It was then on to Buenos Aries, which is a short two and a half hour flight from Rio. When we arrived at the hotel it was already quite late, but we headed out for some delicious Argentinian steak (which I have to say was probably the best steak I have ever had) and a few glasses of the local Malbec. We headed back to the hotel as a few of us were beginning to do head nods at the table and agreed to meet at half past nine the next morning for some sightseeing.

The next day a group of about eight of us headed to La Boca, a neighbourhood in Buenos Aries with colourful houses and live tango performances. We had a nice little wander around the colourful streets taking about a hundred of photos each, because everything was just so instagramable. We stopped at the La Barrica restaurant for lunch basically because we wanted to see some tango and the restaurant has live tango performances. After a quick stop at the supermarket to pick up a few jars of Dolce de Leche, we headed back to the hotel for a quick nap before our flight back to Rio that evening.



When we arrived back in Rio we got to our hotel at about half past one in the morning so we all went straight to bed. We had previously organised a mini bus to take us around the main sights the next day and so we met in the lobby at nine o’clock the next morning. The bus tour took us to Christ the Redeemer, Sugarloaf Mountain, Copacabana beach, the Selaron Steps and of course a Havianas store. This was such a fabulous day as we managed to cram so much into a short space of time and I left Rio feeling satisfied that I had seen everything that I really wanted to see.


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