What I bought in Brazil


For shopaholics like myself who love nothing more than to peruse a supermarket in a foreign land, new destinations mean a chance to pick up some interesting bits and bobs, and this is what I ending up buying during my recent trip to Rio de Janeiro.


I thought I would start with the obvious and the predictable. If you go to Brazil do yourself a favour and pick up some Havianas as not only do they come in a much wider variety of colours and designs than you get elsewhere, but they are a fraction of the price. A pair of Havianas in Brazil will cost around thirty reals, which is about six pounds!


Having quite a narrow face I really struggle to get sunglasses that I like and that don’t make me look like a bug, so I am constantly on the look out for new sunglasses. A Brazilian colleague suggested that I check out Brazilian brand Chilli Beans because according to him their sunglasses are good quality and they aren’t too expensive. Once I had been in the store for about five minutes I had settled on a pair that fit my narrow face without making me look too bugish and they cost about two hundred and fifty reals, which is around fifty pounds. The sales assistant also talked me into buying a case, which set me back a further twenty reals, but which is so rock hard I can rest assured that my new sunnies are safe.


I absolutely love acai, mainly because it feels like I am eating a superfood ice cream. For those that don’t know acai is a purple Brazilian fruit that comes in either powder, liquid or frozen form and has an impressive list of health benefits. I had great plans to transport this delicious stuff home in my suitcase, but ended up eating it in my hotel room before the flight… I’m sure it would have melted anyway!

Dolce De Leche

Considering that I didn’t even know the stuff existed before this trip I can now say that I am addicted and need to wean myself off it. For those that don’t know what Dolche De Leche is, imagine a think caramel sauce in a jar – a bit like caramel flavoured nutella – and you will be pretty close. This stuff is seriously sweet and seriously delicious. I took three jars back home with me and now I am putting it in my porridge, having it on toast, or just eating it straight out of the jar… oops!

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