An Accra Outing

DSC01141Africa for me is a fairly mysterious continent that before becoming cabin crew I had never explored. This year I have been lucky enough to visit Cape Town, Nairobi and Harare where I safari-ed and climbed the famous Table Mountain, but a layover in Accra gave me an opportunity to get a glimpse of African life.

Once we arrived in Accra a small group of us grabbed a taxi and headed for Jamestown, which is one of the oldest areas of the city. There we headed up the lighthouse for a view of the city and then walked through the fishing village trying not to interrupt the many football games that were going on.

Walking through the fishing village was about as different to walking through the centre of London as you can get and it was certainly eye-opening to see how the people here live, but I was also struck by how happy and friendly everyone was – something you don’t always see in London.

DSC01148 DSC01142 DSC01155 DSC01156 DSC01157 DSC01160 DSC01163

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