October Roster

photo-1473163928189-364b2c4e1135I started off the month with an amazing trip to The Philippines, but sadly the flight was cancelled and I now have five days of “reserve”, which basically means I can be pulled out for any flight if for example another crew calls sick… fingers crossed for something nice.

Then I have a week of leave where I am heading to The Netherlands for my boyfriend’s birthday.

After that things get a little bit more normal…

Jeddah – turnaround flight… not much else to say really.

Athens layover – should be a good one as it is forty-eight hours rather than the standard twenty-four.

Male – another turnaround – so sad that we don’t get to stay here as the views from the windows are amazing.

Seattle – I always like going to the US so I am looking forward to this one.

If you would like to see day-to-day updates from these locations or find out where they send me on reserve follow me on Instagram or Twitter.


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