Rome is where the heart is

dsc00698Tehe I love the title of this post. I was going through some travel photos and came across these and realised that I hadn’t written a post on my layover in Rome, then the title just popped into my head – I refuse to Google it and find out someone else has thought of it before me – and it seemed just perfectly suited – if a little bit cheesy… sorry – because if you were to ask me what my favourite country is I would probably have to say Italy and I had been dying to go to Rome for ages and it is not a city that disappoints.

It was back in May that I went to Rome and so it was pretty packed with tourists. In situations like these – especially if like me you are on limited time – I think it is best to pick one thing to queue for and then try your best to see everything else, but don’t spend the rest of your day standing in any more queues. This is true especially for somewhere like Rome where just walking through the quiet streets is a treat.

Anyway… my one thing to queue for was the Coliseum – it was my first trip to Rome after all – and with my ticket to the Coliseum we also walked around the Palatine, which is an archaeological site next to the Coliseum, and both were wonderful. For the rest of the day we went to the Pantheon, but the queue was too long to go inside, Fontana de Trevi, which was as beautiful and crowded as can be expected and walked the small streets in search of pasta. All in all a wonderful layover and I cannot wait to go back to Rome as one day is just not enough.

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