What’s in my Cabin Crew Makeup Bag

Makeup is just part of the job when you are a cabin crew as officially it is part of your uniform. Although having said that I rarely bother to touch up my face during a flight so that means the products I use really have to last because flights can be anything from 45 minutes to 16 hours.

Over the last year a half I have tried out a few products and these are the ones that I have settled on and been using over and over again.

Face Makeup

Primer – I never used to use a primer, but if I am wearing foundation – which I only do when I am working or if it is a really… really special occasion – I am now converted to always using a primer. I prefer hydrating gel-based primers as opposed to silicon based ones and I currently use L’or Pure Radiance Face Primer by Guerlain.

Corrector – I had never used corrector until I became a cabin crew, but for anyone who gets dark circles under their eyes they are great. It is like a red concealer and the red cancels out the darkness – don’t ask me how it works. I have to admit I have only tried one, but it seems to be doing fine for me and it is from Bobbi Brown.

Concealer – On top of my corrector and before my foundation I pop on some concealer. I have tried many concealers over the years and my favourite by a mile is the Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-place Flawless Wear Concealer and I use shade medium – I find that the shades come out quite light, which is something to consider if you are thinking of investing.

Foundation – I spend a lot of time of my skincare and so I only like to use a light coverage foundation, in fact once my current one is used up I am considering switching to a tinted moisturiser. But for now I love Lingerie De Peau Invisible Skin Foundation from Guerlain as it doesn’t feel too heavy and so I don’t mind wearing it for hours on end. I used to apply by foundation with a brush, but since trying out the Beauty Blender I have never touched a brush – for foundation – again.

Blusher – I love blusher… maybe a bit too much – I need to work on toning it down a bit sometimes – but the one I have used for years is the Mac Powder Blush in shade Fleur Power.

Powder – I use a little dusting of powder on my nose and forehead to keep everything where it is supposed to be and the one I have also been using for years is the Mac Mineralize Skinfinish in shade medium.

Eye Makeup

Eyeshadow – I don’t wear eyeliner so I use a little bit of eyeshadow to define my eyes. I like a very natural, subtle look so I only use two shades both which are from Bobbi Brown. Firstly I sweep the shade Bone across the whole of my lid then use Taupe in the outer corner of my eye and blend it in… very simple.

Mascara – I hate flaky mascara and so the one that I use is great because it stays in place with no flaking, whilst also lengthening my lashes, and it is No7 by Boot’s Stay Perfect mascara. The only annoying thing with this one is that it doesn’t come off with makeup remover, only with warm water where it comes off in tubes – try it and you will see what I mean.

Eyebrows – I thought I would put eyebrows with eyes even though that isn’t really correct. Anyway I fill in my brows with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz and I use the shade Soft Brown. This is a magically precise pencil and I love it although I have to keep repurchasing because although the pencil lasts for months the spoolie at the other end always breaks off.

Lip Makeup

Lip liner – I find that lip liner really helps to make your lipstick last and in my experience they all seem to do the same thing so you don’t need to splash out on a high-end product – unless you want to. I am currently using Maybelline’s Colour Sensational Lip Liner and it does the job perfectly.

Lipstick – Before working as a cabin crew I never used to wear red lipstick, but now I feel like I am always donning a bold lip. Any frequent fliers will know that the cabin air can be very drying and I always seem to get dry lips so when choosing my lipstick I go for a semi-matte finish because completely matte would send my lips haywire. I have two favourite lipsticks that I like to wear and both are matte enough that the lipstick is long-wearing and doesn’t slide all over your face, but hydrating enough for my lips in the dry air. The first is from Julie Hewett’s Lipstick Noir collection in shade Rouge Noir and the second is from No7 by Boots and is the Stay Perfect Lipstick in shade Pillar Box.

I hope you enjoyed that peak into my makeup bag, if you would like to follow my travel updates then take a look at my Instagram and Twitter, where I post regularly from wherever I am in the world.


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