How to do New Orleans in a Day

This summer as part of my road trip around America’s south eastern states I found myself somewhere I had wanted to visit for years… the magical city of New Orleans. Due to my tight – as usual – schedule I had just two nights and one full day to see the highlights of this city and this is how I got on.

Where to stay in New Orleans

As I mentioned I visited New Orleans as part of a road trip and so rather than looking for hotels or hostels I was on the hunt for somewhere to park and hookup an RV. After a quick look on Google I saw that most of the campsites and RV parks are on the outskirts of the city – as one would expect. Then after a quick stop into the state tourist information centre I was recommended an RV park which was close to the city centre – quite an unusual thing – and just ten minutes walk from the French Quarter, funnily enough it was called The French Quarter RV Resort. Now sitting outside your RV listening to sirens and traffic isn’t quite how you imagine roadtripping around America in an RV to be, but the location was unbeatable and it suited me perfectly, there was plenty of time to be at one with nature on the next stop.

What to see in New Orleans

Most of New Orleans seemed to be focused around the historic French Quarter with its charming cafes, jazz buskers and amazingly gorgeous houses. I started off our day with a little wander around these colourful streets before heading onto the St Louis Cathedral. There is just something about churches and cathedrals that draw me in whenever I am exploring a town or city, probably because they always seem to be the most impressive buildings.

I then headed down to the river to book myself onto a jazz cruise, which was on a steam boat called the Natchez. Now this is a nice little two hour trip down the river where they play jazz over the loud speaker, but I have to be honest if you are on limited time this is something you could miss. The jazz is nice, but I found musicians who where just as good and that I could actually see on the streets in the French Corner and there isn’t really much to actually see on the river. If you have a few days in New Orleans then by all means this is a nice way to spend the morning, but for me on my limited time this was not one of my must dos.

After I was back on dry land I headed off for a look around the French Market, which is much more my cup of tea and I managed to add two pictures -taken by a local photographer- to my collection which is on my wall at home. Then I had a quick coffee and a beignet (a deep fried pastry covered in icing sugar) in the famous Cafe Monde before jumping on the New Orleans trolley to the garden district, where New Orleans most prized real estate is. If you do a quick google before hand you can quickly find a map that will point out all the main sights, these are mostly distinguished houses such as one known as the Benjamin Button house, which as you will probably guess is a house that was used as a set in the film.

After a couple of hours picking out my dream home it was back on the trolley to the French Quarter where I spent the evening eating redfish, red beans and rice before the short walk back to my RV park in the middle of the city.

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