How to get in the Christmas spirit when you are far from home

While writing this post I had a flashback from last December when I was driving through Oman with friends listening to Christmas songs. It felt very bizarre because outside it was a barren desert – the most unchristmassy surroundings imaginable.

Anyway… as I am gearing up for my fourth Christmas away from home I thought I would share some of the ways I like to get into the Christmas spirit – even if you are somewhere that Christmas isn’t celebrated.

Watch adverts on YouTube

If you are from the UK you will know that the build up surrounding Christmas adverts is quite insane – especially the John Lewis ones. It seems that Chrsitmas is the only time of year when we actually want to watch the commercial break. I was recently moved to tears as I sat on YouTube going through all the adverts from this year – my favourite was Amazon’s if you are interested. Then if you really want to feel festive (as I always do) you can go back and watch the adverts from past years – John Lewis’s The Man on the Moon being my total favourite.

Buy a Christmas tree scented candle

“If you can’t have the real thing make sure your home smells like one” – at least that is what I told myself last year when I treated myself to a balsam flavoured candle from Bath and Bodyworks. Needless to say I got through that candle pretty quickly.

Watch a movie

How better way to get into the spirit of the season than by watching a Christmas movie. I am talking Home Alone, Christmas with the Kranks, Love Actually… In fact last year I watched Love Actually three times in a week!

Create a Christmas playlist

Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree, Last Christmas, Santa Baby, the list goes on and it will never fail to get me in the Christmas mood.

Seek out shop displays

Here in Dubai they may not officially celebrate Christmas, but if you walk into Dubai Mall you may think that you are in Europe with all the Christmas decorations and store displays that are going on.

Make mulled wine

Once December hits mulled wine becomes my drink of choice. The citrus and spice flavours, plus the fact that it’s warm just scream Christmas to me.

So there you have it six ways to get yourself in the Christmas spirit. Even if you manage to fly home for the actual day or you have big plans with friends you may find yourself missing the build up which lets face it is half the fun.

What do you do to get yourself in the Christmas spirit? You may also like to read my new post moving onto pastures new to see where I will be moving to in the new year.



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