Nine things I will miss about living in Dubai

I have often heard that being an expat in Dubai spoils you and how true that is. From the year-round sunshine, to not having to lock your car door, to hiring a maid to clean your apartment – which you could never afford to do back home. Dubai is definitely a city of convenience, and one which for now I will be leaving behind. Although I am ready to leave the “sandpit” and embark on a new adventure there are undoubtedly some things I will miss.

Its international residents

Dubai is home to over two hundred nationalities and with so many expats moving away from their homes, there are a lot of people wanting to make friends. I will miss how everyone is so open minded and willing to get to know strangers. I will also miss having friends from each corner of the globe.

Not having to own a coat

Yes Dubai gets hot in summer, but you know what? I would much rather have weather that is too hot than too cold. I would much rather swelter in the heat – or lets face it sit inside with the AC on – than freeze for four months of the year. I will miss not having to check the weather forecast because I know that every day will be blue skies and sunny.

Feeling like I was on holiday on my days off

Days off in Dubai typically involve sitting on a sun lounger by the side of a hotel pool with a cocktail in your hand. Oh how I will miss having a mini holiday or “staycation” whenever I feel like it.

The caramel popcorn

Honestly, it is worth going to the cinema for the popcorn alone. I have never tasted popcorn as tasty as the caramel flavoured popcorn that you get in Dubai… delicious!

Rooftop bars

Dubai has a striking and beautiful skyline and what better way to admire it than from one of the city’s many rooftop bars. My favourite is probably Level 43 in financial centre which has an awe-inspiring view of Sheikh Zayed Road below.

Super-clean public toilets

This may seem a bit of a strange one, but if you have lived or visited Dubai you will know what I am talking about. Whether you are in the shopping mall, at a restaurant or in a metro station I am yet to find a toilet in Dubai that is not beautifully clean.

Having everything delivered

From dry cleaning to takeaway food to a bottle of water from the shop downstairs. In Dubai you can have everything you need without moving off the sofa. This is one of those things that has truly left me spoilt.

Always feeling safe

From growing up in England in a small town outside of London I have always felt a little bit nervous about walking on my own at night. In Dubai I have never had such worries and in such a big city it is rare to feel as safe as I do.

Tax-free earnings

This one doesn’t need much explaining and there is no doubt that the tax free earnings in Dubai are a bit draw for expats. It is amazing to have everything you earn going straight into your pocket. Although it doesn’t end there, as an expat in Dubai depending on your job your employer will either provide accommodation for you to live in or provide an accommodation allowance meaning that your employer is basically paying your rent. With much lower outgoings than I have at home I know I will never be able to save as much money as I have living in Dubai. Here the streets are truly paved with gold.

And there we have it, nine things that I will miss about living in Dubai. Have you lived in Dubai or been an expat somewhere else in the world? What are some of the things you will miss when you leave?



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