The five podcasts that I can’t get enough of

Since starting a job in Rotterdam – a good hour and a half from my home in Den Bosch – I have spent more time commuting that I ever have before in my life. Now commuting gets a pretty bad rap, but over the last four months I have learned to see the positives and it would be no exaggeration to say that podcasts are the reason for that. With a good podcast on I have been using the time to switch off from work. Having gone through quite a few podcasts over the past few months here are the five that I haven’t been about to get enough of.

1. Serial

This podcast became my serious addiction and I listened to it not just on my commute, but every moment that I could. Presented by journalist Sarah Koeing, she looks into the case of Adnan Syed a man who was convicted of the murder of his ex-girlfriend 18 years ago. Sarah basically explores the evidence that was put forward at his trial, speaks to key witnesses and Adnan himself to see if he was rightfully or wrongfully convicted. The case that she puts forward is so compelling with mountains of “reasonable doubt” that as a listener I couldn’t help but feel that even if he did commit the crime he couldn’t have done it in the way that the prosecution said he did. This was really a podcast that I didn’t want to end. If anyone has any recommendations for something similar that I will love as much as this one I am all ears.

2. Sheerluxe Weekly Highlights

On a completely different note to the one above this is also a podcast that is truly a treat to listen to. Sheerluxe is an online magazine posting fashion, beauty and lifestyle content on a daily basis. Their podcast comes out every Thursday and it is basically the same kind of content, but put in podcast form. Members of the Sheerluxe team discuss everything from TV shows to fashion to dinner party etiquette to current affairs and I am loving it.

3. Desert Island Discs

You have probably heard of Desert Island Discs the radio show – unless you are me who found the radio show through the podcast – and this is basically the radio broadcast in a podcast format. What I love about this is that there are years and years worth of episodes available so you can just pick and choose whose Desert Island Discs you want to listen to. My recommendations… Ed Sheeran, Jack Whitehall, Stella McCartney and Jo Malone.

4. Is It Just Me?

Hosted my Jo Elvin (the former editor of Glamour magazine and her colleague James Williams this is a light-hearted, easy-to-listen to podcast. In every episode they have a special celebrity guest and give their two cents on everyday issues of modern life such as hating clubbing, not knowing family members and doing your makeup on the train. Amazingly these are the kind of issues that I find myself thinking about so I enjoy hearing their opinions.

5. You Me and the Big C

I realise that this is an interesting addition to the list, but it is also one that I have found myself really looking forward to. It is hosted by Deborah, Rachel and Lauren who are all in their thirties and all have or have had cancer. They talk about chemotherapy, cold caps, life with cancer and how it has affected their love ones in a surprisingly upbeat fashion. A great podcast for raising awareness of cancer in younger people and I am sure it is a big comfort for those living with the disease.

So these are my five top podcasts at the moment. Please share your podcast recommendations I have a lot of free listening time.


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