Four questions to ask yourself when buying red lipstick

The perfect red lipstick is like the little black dress, every woman needs one and once you have your perfect shade you will wear it over and over again. Now I don’t actually own a little black dress, but I do own a lot of red lipsticks, and I have definitely spent far too long covering the back of my hand in various stripes trying to find the perfect shade.


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Ten reasons to love stripes

Given the name of my blog this seemed like an ideal first post to welcome myself into the blogger world. As you can probably guess I do in fact love stripes, in fact they are one of my all time favourite outfit choices. I find them easy to wear, flattering, fun and they always make me feel stylish without giving the impression that I have spent ages deciding what to wear.

I believe that stripes deserve a place in everyone’s wardrobe, so here goes, my ten reasons why you should love stripes. View Post