Boat-tripping on Lake Victoria

I love a trip to Africa, it always seems so laid back and relaxed.

Luckily on my recent trip to Entebbe there were some activities for those that didn’t just want to chill out. Although I wasn’t allowed to take a horse ride into the local village because not being a “professional rider”, I was told I wouldn’t know how to control my horse if it got scared by dogs or cars – what do they know… View Post


An Accra Outing

DSC01141Africa for me is a fairly mysterious continent that before becoming cabin crew I had never explored. This year I have been lucky enough to visit Cape Town, Nairobi and Harare where I safari-ed and climbed the famous Table Mountain, but a layover in Accra gave me an opportunity to get a glimpse of African life. View Post


Safari in Nairobi

DSC00859One of the great things about the company I work for is they have a destination bidding system, which basically means you can bid for destinations that you want to go to – although of course there are no guarantees. I have always wanted to go on an African safari and so I decided to bid for Nairobi, Kenya, because it is well known for being the gateway for some of the best African safaris. Now sadly for me I only had one day so I embarked on a mini safari with three other crew members around the Nairobi National Park and it was a great way to experience a safari without spending a week out in the bush (although I would definitely like to do that when I have more time). View Post