Boat-tripping on Lake Victoria

I love a trip to Africa, it always seems so laid back and relaxed.

Luckily on my recent trip to Entebbe there were some activities for those that didn’t just want to chill out. Although I wasn’t allowed to take a horse ride into the local village because not being a “professional rider”, I was told I wouldn’t know how to control my horse if it got scared by dogs or cars – what do they know… View Post


Rome is where the heart is

dsc00698Tehe I love the title of this post. I was going through some travel photos and came across these and realised that I hadn’t written a post on my layover in Rome, then the title just popped into my head – I refuse to Google it and find out someone else has thought of it before me – and it seemed just perfectly suited – if a little bit cheesy… sorry – because if you were to ask me what my favourite country is I would probably have to say Italy and I had been dying to go to Rome for ages and it is not a city that disappoints. View Post


Plitvice Lakes National Park, A Photo Diary

photo 4 (2)The Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia is made for nature lovers. It has crystal clear water, impressive waterfalls, scrumptious views and every shade of green imaginable.

It is very popular especially in peak season, but it is well worth it a visit. The crowds tend to hang around the clusters of waterfalls, so if you want to experience the surroundings in a quieter setting head off on one of the longer lakeside walks. View Post


Strolling around in Slovenia

DSC00882Though small, Slovenia is a country of big mountains, caves, rivers, lakes and bears. From its vibrant capital to the stunningly beautiful Lake Bled, Slovenia has plenty to offer tourists. Here are my highlights. View Post